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Holistic approaches and pain relief services to help you achieve your best self.

Rolfing® Structural

A form of therapeutic bodywork that releases, balances, realigns the body, and restores health in gravity


A hands-on light touch modality that uses the body's self-correcting mechanism to attain greater health and well-being


Benefits include reduced muscular tension and pain, increased range of motion, reduced stress and anxiety, and improved movement and balance



Hi, I'm Deb Woodman, nice to meet you!

I graduated from The Rolf® Institute in 1997 and began practicing in Denver. I took a few years off from my practice to return to clinical laboratory work. In 2009, I re-opened my practice in Washington Park. Since that time, I have become a certified advanced Rolfer®, a Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist, a Sourcepoint Therapist, and taken continuing education with Rocky Mountain Manual Therapy Institute. I work in an assortment of modalities so that I have many tools in my toolbox to facilitate change in the structure, function, and health of my clients.

What Others are Saying...

"I, soon to be 89, have been a weekly client of Deb Woodman for about six years.  Had I not made a connection with Deb, I truly believe today that I would be in an assisted living or nursing home, in a wheel chair and in pain. When I was 42 years old a car door accident left my right foot semi crippled, which in time meant also balance and hip problems. Occupational use of my arms, shoulders, upper back and neck sent me several times to orthopedic surgeons who discussed surgery,  and I chose references to physical therapists who usually relieved my current discomfort and dismissed me.  I have seen many types of doctors because of pain over the years. Because of Deb's advanced and continuing up-to-date training, I am still able to drive my own car, live independently, without pain drugs. Not only is Deb highly trained, skilled and smart, but one of the  warmest and kindest people I have ever known.  Just being with her  weekly as my therapist is an uplifting, positive experience for me, and gives me courage to live on into my nineties.  I will always be grateful that I found Deb and plan to stay active and with her until the end." 

- Yvonne S.

"Unfortunately I break bones pretty easily and there are parts of my body that need frequent attention so over the years I've had many massage therapists. About 6 years ago I was at my chiropractor’s office and prior to his exam Ms. Woodman did some massage to help with relaxation.  I knew she was different right away, so I made an appointment for a regular massage with her.  Heaven!  At first I went only once or twice a month, but for six years now I have been getting weekly Rolfing session from Ms. Woodman.  She has training in so many areas from Rolfing to Cranial Sacral to massage and is excellent at all of them.  I would highly recommend her practice."


- Gloria T.

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